Interested in donating supplies to #wiunion protesters?

Here’s a comment I found on Huffington Post that asks for help with supplies at the protests in Wisconsin. Thought I’d post it here in case anyone wants to help out…
Totto (9:48 AM)
Please help out: http://www­­.defendwi­s­consin.o­rg­/2011/0­2/2­4/loca­l-bu­sines­s-sen­d-su­pplies­/
Interested in donating supplies? Send supplies to room 300NE. We especially need:

* Tupperware (medium size)
* Serving bowls and serving spoons
* Disposable bowls, plates, and cups
* Hand sanitizer
* Sleeping mats
* Gas-X
* Daytime cold medicine

Food and Beverage

* Fresh Vegetables (we love variety!)
* Fresh Fruits (Bananas, apples, oranges…an­­d after variety, we love even more variety!)
* Pop (regular, caffeinate­­d and caffeine free)
* Fruit Juice (no red juices)
* Rice Milk /Soy Milk / Almond Milk
* Sugar (packets)
* Granola bars
* Emergen-C

If you do not have time to bring these items to the Capitol directly, the following businesses are willing to make deliveries to us:


* Centre Market, 608-255-26­­16
* Willy St. Co-op, 608-251-67­­76
* Regent Market Co-op, 608-233-43­­29

Food and Beverage

* EVP Coffee, 608-294-68­­68
* Indie Coffee, 608-259-96­­21
* Just Coffee, 608-204-90­­11
* Mermaid Coffee, 608-249-97­­19
* Mother Fool’s Coffeehous­­e, 608-259-13­­01
* Nature’s Bakery, 608-257-36­­49
* Ian’s Pizza, 608-257-92­­48
* Silver Mine Subs, 608-286-10­­00
* Steep N Brew, 608-256-29­­02
* Straight To Your Door (coupon: killthebil­­l)
* Undergroun­­d Kitchen, 608-514-15­­16
* Community Pharmacy, 608-251-32­­42”

One thought on “Interested in donating supplies to #wiunion protesters?

  1. Hi, TeacherReality-
    I’m a GED teacher in Durham, NC, and I have recently joined Save Our Schools and National Call to Action. I know that you blog against the current corporate takeover of our public schools, and we are currently asking the “real” ed reform bloggers to join with us so that we can all speak with ONE VOICE all across the country during the month of March.

    Our theme is “Waking the Sleeping Giant” which was inspired by the events in Wisconsin and other places around the country. The public is finally beginning to wake up to what’s been happening for the last few years – we’re seeing evidence of this not only in Wisconsin but in places such as Seattle and Rochester.

    We are asking you to keep your readers informed by mentioning our July 30 march in D.C. and by providing a link to our website in one or more of your posts during the month of March.

    If you would like to write a guest post for our website, send your post or your comments to Or if you would like to endorse our march, let us know and we will list your blog and url on our website.

    Posts can also be tweeted with the hashtag #WakingGiant

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