Double Talkin’ Duncan: Is his hidden purpose to create jobs?

I thought I would share with you a reader comment that I liked.  The comment makes me wonder what would happen if we got rid of all of these overpaid advisor agencies and non-profits that receive federal and state money to prowl on “failing public schools”. It’s an industry in and of itself that makes a business out of telling schools what they are doing wrong. Schools know what they need. These agencies take away needed  funding that could go to “failing schools”.  The commenter also brought up a good point about Duncan creating jobs in the education business sector. Hmmm. That makes me wonder, too. If you think about it. He might be Obama’s Superman whose purpose is to rid the gov’t of higher paid teachers (and their pensions) while creating jobs through the privatization of public education. If he’s Superman, he’s a double talking one whose Kryptonite is Korrupt  and will come back to bite him!
Here’s the comment that brought up some good points. It was in response to Edweek’s article, Least-Disruptive Turnaround Model Proving Popular
Duncan is doing more to line the pockets of so-called education advisors like the School Turnaround Group than he is to finance truly effective and needed “reform” measures in public schools. He persists in denying his intention to privatize education and convert schools to charters but continues to make statements that support this process. He says he recognizes the important of highly qualified teachers in the classroom but supports and finances Teach for America personnel to replace the certified, experienced teachers he is causing to be fired. If you discount all the teachers losing jobs and count all the jobs he is creating in the education business sector, he could be credited with solving the unemployment crisis.

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