Your motives are for the kids, right?….Right?


Before closing a “failing” public school and turning it into a charter school, I want to know this: Have the ed reformers and billionaires involved in taking over that public school spent time at the school to help the students and teachers? If so, for how long? How much time and effort did they give to help that failing public school?

You see, my take on this whole ed reform push is that if we have knowledge that a school is “failing” then I feel it is our duty to step in and help where we can.  At my school, I don’t see that happening. In fact, I don’t see it happening at any Title I school that I know of.  Numerous public schools are being shut down across our country only to be reopened as a charter school, often with the same scripted curriculum and structured format. This is not a change for the better. It is simply a means to oust certain students who could have a negative impact on the school’s test scores. This is not reform in the true sense of the word; it is simply moving money from one source to another.

So to all of you ed reformers and billionaires out there…how much time have you spent helping a struggling reader?  How many times have you visited a public school and spent time helping children and their teachers?  I’m assuming that since you say you are into ed reform because you want to make a difference, that you have done this. After all, your motives are for the kids, right?  Right?

2 thoughts on “Your motives are for the kids, right?….Right?

    • Hey!

      Thank YOU, Jesse Turner, for all that you do! And, yes, children ARE more than test scores and so are their teachers. We’ve got to stop this madness. Thank you for your comment to my blog.

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