Here’s my comment in Miami Herald to Leonard Pitt’s article, Teacher Unions Fighting Accountability

I am a teacher in a Title I school. I choose not to join my union, but I thank God we have one. What has been happening in education is frightening. I’ve worked in Title I schools (by choice, in 2 states) for the past 9 years and I’m still blown away by how controlling the district and administrators are. There’s no room for doing anything but exactly as you are told, even if you know in your gut that what you are told to teach is truly the wrong thing. When I hear the word “accountability” thrown around for the umpteenth time, it makes me cringe. The term, “accountability” is nothing new in ed.  Teachers live, eat, and breathe accountability.  However, school districts and ed reformers think it means “shut up, work harder & do what I tell you, or else.”  In my years of teaching, I’ve seen NUMEROUS excellent teachers brutally forced out of their jobs through harassment techniques. The teachers were deemed as making too much money. RTTT is a farce…it’s not about rewarding effective teachers, if that were the motive, those teachers I saw harassed would still have a job as they were worth their pay. RTTT’s main goal is to privatize ed so that the rich can get richer. They view the teachers and their unions as in their way. RTTT will not improve the education of our students. It will create even more hostile workplaces where teachers are forced to teach exactly as told, under the guise of “accountability”.  They did that with NCLB and look where it got us.

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