Lots to Say about Education…

Yesterday, I wrote my 2000th tweet on Twitter and I realized that I have had lots to say about what is going on in education. I also came to the conclusion that I cannot say everything I want in 140 characters or less. So, I’m turning to blogging to write my thoughts down and to disseminate and compile information.  I am very grateful to those who are on Twitter. I have been educated by fellow educators on what is really going on in our world and I am hungry for more knowledge. I will continue to tweet and pass along information to others. I think it is critical that folks disseminate information to one another. We are not getting all of the facts in the media (many of whom I think are “parasites”) and much of the information we learn is distorted or skewed. 

I think teachers have learned a hard lesson with this Race to the Top (RTTT) push.  We’ve been broadsided by a powerful and brilliantly orchestrated strategy by ed reformers who want to break up teachers’ unions to turn the education arena into a profit making industry.  I don’t agree with this strategy. I also don’t agree with Duncan’s “quiet revolution” in pushing this strategy, as it conveys that he and the President had something to hide. This non-transparent tactic has caused me to question their ethics. 

I think education is a nation’s weapon, so to speak. It’s a strength that needs to be protected and nurtured, not sold out to a bunch of greedy edu-preneurs who want to make a lot of money. Education has been a huge part of helping our country to become a great nation. Opening up public education to the highest and/or most clever bidders is like selling the soul of our nation. I KNOW in my heart and mind that what Obama and Duncan are doing with RTTT is the wrong thing for our children and our country. I don’t know what is going to happen in the near future with regard to my teaching job, but I do know this: I’ve got more to say and I am pissed off like you wouldn’t believe.  I am not afraid to speak out and if I have to lose my job to do so, then so be it.

One thought on “Lots to Say about Education…

  1. yeah, I’m pissed too. I applaud you for being willing to risk your job for the sake of humanity and our future world. I wish there were more teachers willing to take the risk of losing their job in order to make a stand!
    Keep on keepin on!

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